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Specific Concrete Solutions for Garages

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Not too long ago, garages were all the same: outbuildings that were storage areas for parked cars, with boring grey concrete floors.

Today, garages take a more prominent place in the design of homes, often built to house three vehicles, and more often than not attached to the home. Garages have graduated from simple storage areas, becoming organised shops or showrooms.

Every bit of attention that a homeowner pays to the decorating of the home is paid to the garage as well, right down to what goes on the concrete floors.

Decorating & Sealing Your Garage Floor

Garage floor coverings have the versatility to go with any style of décor. Looks can range from simple grey concrete with a sealer, to a more complex coloured base with multicolour flecks in it, offering a design similar to granite or terrazzo.

Garage floors can take on colour and texture to reflect their owners:

  • Colourmix concrete and integral colours are often selected in the construction phase of a building
  • Staining is also becoming popular as a garage floor
  • Stained and sealed is achievable by the home handyman, or a professional can apply stains do the owner's requirements.

Integral Colour Solutions

Choosing the design for your garage floor system can be as simple as matching the colour of your house, or as involved as hiding any imperfections or flaws in the existing floor.

If coating the existing concrete with only a sealer, any imperfections will show through. A coloured base with the paint chips or quartz aggregate thrown down to refusal would cover any imperfections that may exist.

If the floor has no aesthetic reasons to choose full coverage, a medium or light paint chip coverage may be chosen for additional design variations.

If the garage surface is in need of a levelling and treatment prior to a surface application, contact a SCDCS technical representative.

Self Level Overlays Thin Finish Overlays

Coloured flake concrete display

Colour flakes come in a wide range of colours and are made of acrylic paint chips. This system provides an excellent wear surface that can stand up under walking and driving on.

Epoxy Flooring - Flake

If impact resistance is what you're looking for, decorative quartz is the way to go. Quartz floors are multicolored aggregates thrown to refusal into 100% solids epoxy. They have the impact resistance not normally found with the acrylic paint chips.

Water based epoxies are a similar solution, used by project home builders and general building companies. These are friendly to the environment and are simple and safe to use.

Epoxy Flooring – M50 Epoxy Flooring – Water Base

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