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Stampcrete: Stencil Patterns For External Concrete

Stencilled concrete is a system of adding colour, pattern and texture to a plain concrete slab at the time of pouring.
Convict Brick stencilled concrete

The finished job has the attractive look of brick or stone, with a contrasting grout line.

Edges of plain, matching or contrasting pattern and colour can be added. Decorative features such as special designs, company logos, monograms, etc. can be incorporated into the concrete paving.

Stencilled concrete can even be applied to steps and accommodate other irregularities. It can be finished from a relatively smooth surface to a rough broomed or anti-slip finish where extra traction is required.

The finished job is sealed with a protective coating which protects the product from dirt and stain, and further fortifies the overall strength of the topping.

Caring for Stencilled concrete couldn't be easier. A quick hose down with a concrete cleaner, together with a stiff broom, will remove most marks


Large TileA high quality finish and image can be achieved at a very reasonable price and in a relatively short period of time.

The product has the look of a paved area, but does not have the problems of structural movement and weed growth common with other forms of paving.

Its appplication, using a Colour Hardener and sealers, provides a surface that is significantly tougher than concrete.

Once every couple of years, Stencilled concrete may be resealed, ensuring that your Stencilled concrete surface will remain as fresh as the day it was laid, year after year.

Suitable For....

Stencilled concrete can be used indoors or outdoors:

  • in commercial areas including roads, traffic islands, parking lots, pedestrian walkways and shopping centres
  • in public areas such as footpaths, school grounds and pool surrounds
  • in domestic areas such as driveways, paths, patios and pool surrounds.

Visit our projects area for some examples.


The Stencilled concrete system is applied as the new area of concrete is poured.

A special concrete stencil is laid over the surface of the wet concrete. Stencilled concrete colour hardener is spread over the entire surface and trowelled in. When the stencil is removed, a grouted paving pattern is achieved.

The final process is washing down the area and coating with a Concrete sealer to give a sealed, protected and glossy finish.

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