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Epoxy Flooring: Design and Functionality

Dramatic epoxy floor with swirls and the name "Roxy's"

Epoxy Flooring is unlimited in its design.
Epoxy Glaze Finishes add a functional and aesthetic touch to commercial flooring solutions. Epoxy flooring never looked so good!
Typical applications are to add value and use to garage floors, warehouses and high traffic work areas.

There are a multitude of benefits to having an Epoxy Floor. But there are a few features that set it apart from other flooring alternatives.


These systems are quite versatile and can be used for water-exposed floors (not underwater).

For extremely durable floors where commercial traffic is heavy (forklifts, etc), there is a blended quartz version, also available in a palette of colours.

We also offer an even more durable version of high performance urethane/epoxy that works for loading docks and other heavy use work areas.

All of these floors can be easily cleaned with mild detergents and water, are extremely stain resistant, have anti-slip agents added, and are easily recoated, if ever necessary.

Custom colours are available.


An Epoxy floor is limited only by your imagination.

You can create anything from colour synchronised flake floors to feature floors incorporating holographic, metallic or even lighting or objects suspended within them. Epoxies can be anything you want them to be.

Epoxy flooring in an office looks professional and stays cleanEasy Clean

Because Epoxies provides one seamless, smooth and impervious surface, it is a breeze to keep your Epoxy floor clean - no seams, grooves or groutlines for grime to get caught in.

Its impervious top sealer coat means that even the most heavy duty spills and soiling (eg grease, oil, petrol etc) can be cleaned up with ease.

Keeping an Epoxy Floor clean and hygienic could not be easier.


Epoxy floor coatings do not have joins or groutlines like other flooring systems. Epoxies provide continuous and unbroken areas of floor.


Epoxy Polymer Flooring is the choice for many hospitals, commercial kitchens, laboratories, coldrooms and restroom facilities for its hygiene properties.

An Epoxy surface is impervious to the ingression of impurities, is seamless and can be coved up wall surfaces so as to remove opportunity for the harbouring of dirt, grime, and bacteria.

Chemical Resistant

An Epoxy floor is impervious to most chemicals and substances. This has made Epoxies a popular choice for laboratory, workshop and garage floors.

Use Epoxies for Simple Floor Restoration

Epoxies make light work of damaged, decrepit and chipped floor surfaces.

Their pour down self levelling properties mean that transforming unsightly concrete into a flooring masterpiece could not be faster or more cost-effective.

Maintaining Your Epoxy Floor

Epoxies require a simple maintenance system.

Particularly in high traffic commercial applications, a floor can become lack lustre over time. SCDCS has a range of products that will restore a dull floor to its original sheen in no time at all.

Maintenance Base Coat Glaze Solutions for Maintenance Ask us about Safety Seal

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