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Water Based Epoxy: Sealer, Primer or Coating

Water based epoxies are used on concrete floors as a sealer, a primer, and optionally as the complete floor coating itself.

Like most 100% solids floor epoxies, water based epoxy is almost odourless (no worse than latex wall paint) and offers good chemical and abrasion resistance.

Water based epoxy adheres well. Being water based, the epoxy will soak into porous surfaces such as concrete, before it cures, thus resulting in a bond that is probably stronger than the 'surface only' bond achieved with 100% solids epoxies. This is why it makes an excellent primer under 100% solids epoxies.

It is less affected by UV yellowing than other epoxies.

Other advantages of water based epoxies:

  • can be tinted
  • safe for the environment
  • low maintenance
  • economical.


Water based epoxy requires two coats, and in commercial applications three coats are recommended.

It can be applied by brush, broom, nap roller or by texture spray gun.

Water based epoxy will finish with a much thinner layer than even a single coat of the 100% solids epoxy.

Water Based Epoxy with Anti Slip & Decorative Concrete Treatments

Water based epoxies offer a wide range of anti-slip and/or decorative treatments

For starters, one coat (sometimes two coats) is generally thin enough to let the original (anti-slip) texture of the concrete to remain. Water based epoxy is also thin enough to allow the use of a very fine anti-slip additive. (In thicker coatings, this anti-slip additive would disappear into the coating). This gives a sandpaper like finish.

However, the coating is also thick enough to permit the use of our much larger anti-slip additive.

It will also accept the broadcast of coloured sands and/or 'vinyl chips' onto its surface.

M50, Hychem SF25 Epoxy Flooring

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