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Waffle Pod & Ribbed Raft Slab Floor System

What's a Waffle Pod?

The Waffle Pod and Ribbed Raft Slab Floor System is an innovative method of constructing slab, that uses moulded void formers arranged on a levelled building area in a grid pattern.

Prepared Slab using Waffle PodsThis system uses less concrete than the conventional method of edge beam and internal beam trenching, so the need for labour intensive digging is eliminated.

Since the void formers are waterproof, this system can even be used during wet weather conditions.

Improve Energy Efficiency, Increase Slab Strength

Waffle Pods MeshThe polystyrene voids function as insulation pockets, significantly reducing heat loss through the floor.

Difficult or cut and fill soil area need no longer be a problem. This system features greater strength and stiffness than conventional footing techniques, with higher resistance to cracking.

What is the difference between a Waffle Pod & Ribbed Raft Waffle Pod System?

The Ribbed Raft Waffle Pod System has been designed for single storey brick veneer dwellings placed on S or M classification sites.

Sketch of Waffle Pod versus Ribbed Raft Waffle Pod System

By spacing the ribs further apart in the Ribbed Raft Waffle Pod System (see left hand side of diagram), less concrete and steel is used.

The builder must be guided by the engineer as to what system best suits the situation.

How the Waffle Raft System Began

In the past, domestic footings were based on a concrete beam method that usually required extensive, backbreaking digging.

Apart from the manual labour involved, there was always the added difficulty of trying to accurately control the amount of concrete used. During wet weather, trenches and steel would need to be cleaned again, hence adding further cost and lost production.

In 1982 as an alternative, the Waffle Raft System was developed. Tests took place and the results were sensational.

Polystyrene turned out to be the best, most environmentally friendly material to use for voids:
  • it made the void former easier to handle and store
  • it was less expensive than the alternatives
  • it consistently performed well
  • unused void pieces are completely recyclable
  • the voids can easily carry the weight of the workmen during construction.

Concrete Slab built on Waffle Pod systemThe Waffle Pod and Ribbed Raft System has now been developed and is recommended by many of the country's leading consultant structural engineers, to provide a more economical method of construction.

The system is now used exclusively by most major home builders, government departments and major building contractors.


The polystyrene voids are built from heavy duty moulded polystyrene, and are specially designed to resist heavy rain.

Developed by SARTAS (NSW), waffle pod systems are manufactured for SARTAS (NSW) under very strict high standards of quality control and accredited with ISO 9002 accreditation.

In fact, the system proved to be so revolutionary that the Standards Association of Australia Codes were eventually changed in 1988 to incorporate it. They are:

  • Concrete and Design of Residential Slabs and Footing Codes AS 2870.1-1996, AS 2870.2-1988 and
  • Concrete Structures Code AS 3600-1988.

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