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Sika Grouting Systems

The performance of a grout under a machine or equipment base depends on the properties of the grout in both the plastic and hardened states.

The properties of primary importance are:

  • volume change
  • strength
  • placement ability
  • stiffness, and
  • durability.

Cementitious Grouts

Most cementitious grouts have properties in both the plastic and hardened states which make them acceptable for most applications.

They are suitable for transfer of large static compressive loads, and for transfer of many dynamic and impact loads.

Epoxy Grouts

Generally, epoxy grouts are used where special requirements such as chemical resistance, high early strength, or impact resistance are needed.

When epoxy grouts are subjected to high temperatures, their properties may be significantly altered.

Polyurethane Grouts

Polyurethane based grouts generally exhibit elastomeric qualities, making them applicable for high impact and dynamic loads.

The important properties of these grouts include noise reduction, reduced impact from vibration, insulation and optimum load deflection.

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