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Floor Repair Products

Floor Underlayments

There is a large range of concrete floor underlays to suit any specific project.

Some of the range that we stock at SCDCS are listed below. Any other product we can source and supply for your project.


Sika logo Sikafloor®-Level-25 cementitious self smoothing sub-floor screed

Sikafloor-Level-25 is a one part, polymer modified, pumpable industrial grade screed.

Ska logo

SikaLevel®-300 high performance cementitious, self levelling underlayment for use 0.5 - 15 mm, 15 - 30 mm with added aggregate.

SikaLevel®-300 is a one part, polymer modified, pumpable, high performance cementitious underlayment for the levelling and smoothing of interior floors, prior to the application of the final floor finish.


Lo_ARDEX_logo_ ARDEX K 10 is rapid hardening, smoothing compound designed to smoothe concrete subfloors prior to applying a floor finish.

AR_Ardit_K10It is ideal for forming ramps, and can be applied from feather edge to 35mm in one application.

Walkable after 1.5 hours and ready to receive floorcoverings in 4 to 6 hours, depending on bed thickness.

Coverage: approx 1.5kg powder/mm/m2

Lo_ARDEX_logo_ ARDEX K 12 is an advanced cement and polymer based levelling and smoothing compound. ARDEX K 12 is formulated for experienced commercial contractors to smoothe and level large commercial and retail areas.

AR_Ardit_K12Once dry, it is suitable for the application of vinyl, carpet and tile floor finishes.

Unlike normal hydration levellers, ARDEX K 12 will harden and dry at temperatures down to 5 degrees.

Coverage: Approx 1.7kg powder/mm/m2

Lo_ARDEX_logo_ ARDEX K 15 is a rapid hardening, rapid drying, self-levelling smoothing compound designed to level and smoothe sub-floors prior to the installation of floor coverings.

AR_Ardit_K15ARDEX K 15 can be applied at any thickness in a single operation.

With unique Rapid Dry technology®, ARDEX K15 is walkable after approx 2 hours and floor coverings can be installed after 16 to 18 hours, irrespective of thickness.

Coverage: Approx 1.5 kg powder/mm/m²

ARDEX Coverage Calculator


Aftek flooring products effectively provide added benefits to new or existing concrete floors. Old floors, in particular, all need appropriate preparation procedures to be sure of the best possible result.

Aftek Logo Aftek Level Pro: a general purpose self smoothing, cementitious underlayment, specifically formulated for levelling concrete floors prior to laying of carpet, vinyl and ceramic floor tiles.

Supplied in 20 kg poly lined bags.

Aftek Logo Aftek Tru Level is a high performance, new generation, fast setting, self levelling and self smoothing cementitious underlayment, specifically formulated for the levelling of internal concrete floors prior to the laying of carpet, vinyl and ceramic floor tiles.

Available in 20 kg poly lined bags.


Parchem logo Cemtop GP floor underlay: self smoothing, levelling mortar for carpet/ tiles (2-50 mm thickness).

Cemtop GP is designed as a heavy duty underlay which forms a smooth, hard surface for a variety of floor finishes including carpet and ceramic tiles.

Cemtop GP may, depending on the end use of the floor, be used in conjunction with high build epoxy resin based systems such as Durafloor SL.

Cemtop GP can be used in residential, commercial and light industrial applications and is suitable for both new and construction and refurbishment projects.

Parchem logo Cemtop GP Advanced is designed as a heavy duty underlay which forms a smooth, hard surface for a variety of floor finishes, including carpet and ceramic tiles.

Parchem logoCemtop XD cementitious floor topping internal wear surface (6-12 mm thickness) can be used:

  1. for the reinstatement of existing floors

  2. as a final wearing course on new concrete floors:
    • where specified floor tolerances have not been achieved, or
    • where, for speed of installation, the concrete floor has been left with a rough screed finish.

It is suitable for use across a wide range of industrial environments such as warehouses, light to medium engineering operations, food processing plants, car parks etc.

It may be used either as a stand-alone system, or depending upon the end use of the the floor, in conjunction with the Nitoflor and Durafloor range of resin based floor coatings.

Cemtop XD is designed as an internal thin layer industrial wearing course for use in areas that are subjected to both foot and forklift traffic.


Penetron logoPenetron CR-90 applications are a cost effective, durable answer to expensive concrete replacement.

Penetron CR-90 corrects both horizontal and vertical surfaces that are worn, spalled and distressed. The result is a renewed surface accepting foot traffic in as little as 2 hours and rubber tyre traffic within 8 hours.

Penetron CR-90:

  • can be used anywhere a new concrete finish is needed
  • is easy to mix and apply
  • hardens quickly
  • is freeze thaw resistant, and
  • results in a bonded new surface that can be opened to traffic in as little as 2 hours.

Applications can be made using a steel trowel, squeegee, masonry brush for curbs or steps and broom finished.

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