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Tilt Up Concrete Products

Reid Swiftlift -  Fasteners - Formwork/Swiftbrace - Studrail


The Swiftlift Tilt-Up Construction System is a complete system of fully integrated concrete lifting components, engineered and designed to ensure safety while providing the contractor with speed of preparation and erection of site cast tilt-up panels.

The Swiftlift Concrete Lifting System is a simple, safe and rapid method of lifting and handling all shapes and sizes of precast concrete sections.

The Swiftlift engineered lifting system includes:

  • foot anchors
  • face lift anchors
  • edge lift anchors
  • eye anchors
  • cover plates
  • levelling shims
  • nailing plates.


SCDCS carries a full range of fastening solutions for concrete and masonry construction including powder actuated systems, masonry anchoring systems, structural anchors, chemical anchoring systems and cavity wall fixings.

  • Pins & Power Loads
  • PA Tool EXP660
  • Plugging & Wall Plugs
  • Masonry Nails
  • Sleeve Anchors
  • Wedge Anchors
  • Screw Bolts
  • Anchors & Toggles
  • Bottom Plate Fixing
  • Setlox Anchors
  • Inserts/Nailing Plates

Reid Products was a pioneer in the use of undercut mechanical anchors in Australasia. The new Superplus undercut anchors provide reliable, easy to install, structurally competent fastening for concrete structures.


The efficiencies of tilt-up construction are achieved by pre-casting complete walls or large sections of wall elements and erecting these into their final position.

During the erection phase, the wall elements are temporarily propped with purpose-built braces until the full structure is complete.

SCDCS provides a comprehensive brace-hire service to complement the package of Swiftlift tilt-up products and engineering services.


Studrail provides a simple, practical solution for the control of punching shear in concrete structures. Studrails efficiently reinforce the concrete in high shear zones around concentrated loads, by forming an open structured embedded truss.

Different studrails are manufactured to meet the requirements of individual applications and the system is totally reliable and cost effective.

Studrail allows increased design freedom and flexibility. Ceiling spaces are clear, making installation of services easier whilst reducing overall building heights, reducing costs.

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