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Newlook Solid Stain & Other Products

Architectural & Specialty Decorative Concrete Stain Solutions

Who are Newlook?

NewLook Kit SystemNewLook is a leading manufacturer of premium and innovative coating and building material solutions.

Their revolutionary and proven systems have been used since 1989, by industry professionals and property owners alike.

Newlook products dramatically enhance the image of concrete and other decorative surfaces.

NewLook Solid Stain Kit ABCDWhether you are a contractor, supplier, architect, designer or DIY customer, NewLook has a specific range of innovative and environmentally friendly products.

NewLook Concrete Color Maintenance System

These premium decorative concrete products include the award-winning Solid Color Stain and Translucent Color Enhancer:

  • give you total control over the design, durability and life of your concrete
  • eco-friendly
  • water-based
  • non-acid
  • non-acrylic
  • extremely maintainable
  • breathable
  • will not even change the texture of your concrete - leaving a natural finish.
Some NewLook Work by SCDCS Customers

NL_Stain_B4-Worrigee NL_Stain_During_Worrigee NL_Stain_Finished_1Coat NL_Stain_Finished_2 NL_Stain_Finished_3

Newlook's Success is Measured by Your Success

NewLook: your experts in surface enhancing solutions:

  • manufacturing sustainable product solutions that minimize our environmental footprint
  • helping architects and professional installers build sustainable, successful businesses by providing the most innovative, reliable, and green decorative concrete solutions
  • helping you make concrete and other surfaces look beautiful.

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