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Mastershield Epoxy

Polymer Flooring - Stylish and Hard Wearing

Mastershield Polymer flooring is a decorative interior flooring range, suited for domestic and commercial use.


Mastershield is a hard wearing flooring surface made from a dense polymer structure, which gives it strength and durability

High resistance to wearing, combined with the smooth and seamless surface, makes it an ideal flooring system in high traffic, entertainment and work areas.

Mastershield is so versatile that it can be used in garages, kitchens, rumpus rooms, alfresco areas, playrooms, laundries, restaurants, shopping centres, workshops, gyms and offices.

Domestic and commercial garage and kitchen floors benefit from the water, chemical and oil resistant properties of Mastershield. The seamless surface is hygienic and easy to maintain.

To add a personal touch to Mastershield flooring, colour tints, multi-colour flakes (over 60 blends in fine or coarse) and glitter can be added to create a customised floor to suit any décor. Design ideas are only limited by your imagination.

What's more, Mastershield is so easy to update - all you need to do is overcoat the existing Mastershield floor to match your changing tastes, fashion or décor.

Product Range

The Mastershield Polymer Flooring is available in 2 systems, accommodating all budgets:

  • M50 (aqueous epoxy base) is an economical flooring system. It is suitable for domestic and light commercial floors with 12 colour tints in the range.
  • M90 (100% epoxy resin) is the crème de la crème, ideal for industrial and commercial floors as well as for domestic use with 9 colour tints to select from.

As a top coat, Mastershield UA20 sealer is a must for a high gloss, long lasting, UV protective layer.

For all your trade requirements, call one of our technical representatives at any of our stores for assistance.

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