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Integral Colour Solutions For External Concrete

Colouring Concrete

Colourmix Charcoal used on a concrete drivewayAdded to a batch of concrete before pouring, Integral Colours enhance the appearance of concrete. The colour will not chip, crack or wear off like coatings, because colour is thoroughly mixed throughout the concrete.

Concrete surfaces treated with Colourmix or CCS Oxide colour, including driveways, pathways, patios and lobbies, can be coloured to complement the surroundings.

Integral Colours can be used in conjunction with concrete stamping, to simulate the appearance of stone or masonry.

Integral Colours provide contractors with a simple way to produce attractive concrete surfaces with virtually no additional labour.

The two advantages of integral colour are speed of placement and colour mixed through the whole slab.

When placing integral coloured concrete, pay close attention to the amount of water used. It is also best to have the pigment added at the ready-mix plant. With these two things in mind, placing integral coloured concrete is just like placing grey concrete.

Having the colour mixed through the slab allows the contractor to begin finishing sooner, with fewer issues concerning surface crusting.

Colour Charts for Integral Colours

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Colourmix Charcoal driveway with a motif

Colourmix: a clean and safe system for the environment

Colourmix is environmentally safe, cost effective and easy-to-use.

Pre-measured and prepackaged for error-free batching and accurate results: add one bag or two bags per cubic metre, depending on colour choice.

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