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Concrete Floor Levelling Compounds

The products featured in our warehouses at SCDCS are cementitious powders, that are mixed with water to produce a free-flowing self levelling underlayment mortar for rapid levelling of interior and exterior sub-floors.

They can be poured from feather edge to 20mm in one pour.

Most underlayments will produce a smooth and flat surface with excellent durability, which is ready for foot traffic in less than 4 hours at 21°C. Often primer will increase bond and strength to substrates.

Here are some of the great products at SCDCS to help you out with your floor repair project:

ARDEX A 55 Rapid Drying Levelling & Smoothing Compound

ARDEX K 80 Industrial Levelling Compound

ARDEX Aggregate Prewashed Gravel (4 to 8mm)

ARDEX E 25 Synthetic resin dispersion

ARDEX K 10 Rapid drying repair and smoothing compound

ARDEX K 11 Internal Levelling & Smoothing Compound

ARDEX K 12 Levelling and Smoothing Compound

ARDEX K 15 Rapid drying self-levelling smoothing compound

ARDEX K 250 Levelling Compound

ARDEX K 301 Exterior Levelling & Smoothing Compound

ARDEX K005 Bulk Fill Levelling Compound

ARDEX LQ 92 Under tile levelling compound

ARDEX S 4 Green Slab Seal

ARDEX NA Self Levelling and smoothing compound

Gauging Bucket - Great for mixing powder to water at correct mix ratio

Gauging Spreader Rakes

Adjustable Gauging Rakes

Graduated Mixing Pail

Opaque 20 Litre Pail

Hand Trowels

Pointed Hand Trowels

Mixing Paddle - For mixing Ardex Floor powders

Stand-up Smoother

Stand-up Smoother Zec Disc - For limited floor preparation

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