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External Solutions - Over Existing Concrete

Resurfacing Concrete

A resurfaced concrete pool surround, with dolphin motifResurfacing products are ideal for renovating concrete.

Resurfacing can range from simply making the concrete look like new again, to upgrading the surface with a variety of colours and patterns.

Whether it's a concrete driveway, cement floor or patio, you can transform your old, often ugly, concrete into a new, smooth coloured concrete surface.

Resurfacing products are as tough as concrete, but with tremendous decorative appeal. Transform dull grey concrete into an a high class surface.


Resurfacing products are extremely versatile. You can create entirely unique finishes to suit your home or business.

Decorative stencil patterns are popular when renovating driveways, pathways, patios, and common areas. Special designs, company logos, monograms, etc can be incorporated into the paving.

Edges or feature patterns of plain, matching or contrasting patterns can be added with ease. Create the appeal of brick or stone paving - but at a fraction of the cost.

Combine colours, patterns and borders as you want.

Selecting colours and patterns is easy, using the samples at any of our SCDCS display centres.

Features of Resurfaced Concrete

Resurfacing products are a low maintenance system and are extremely hard wearing.

Weeds cannot grow up through the resurfaced concrete, as they can with conventional block pavers. Likewise, you avoid buckling and mis-levelling that can occur with block pavers.

Resurfacing products can easily be applied to steps, slopes, and other irregularities.

The surface may be created as a smooth, naturally textured or a rough finish.

The finished job is sealed with a protective coating, that protects the product from dirt and staining and improves the overall strength.


Caring for resurfacing products couldn't be easier.

A quick hose down, incorporating a proprietary general purpose cleaner together with a stiff broom, will remove most marks.

Once every couple of years, resurfacing products may be resealed, ensuring that your surface will remain as fresh as the day it was laid, year after year.


Resurfacing products overcoat existing concrete surfaces with a 2mm - 5mm spray on, slip reducing, cementitious compound, ideal for either indoor or outdoor renovation work, or as a new application.

The surface is applied by trowelling down the base coat, which serves to smoothe and prime the surface (as well as form the grout colour).

The pattern (grout lines) is achieved by masking the area with special concrete stencil, over which the top coat is sprayed. This forms the main portion of the surface and colour.

It may be finished in any number of ways, from rough to rustic or smooth.

Finally, two coats of an acrylic sealer are applied to protect the finish and lock in the beauty for years to come.

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