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CUPOLEX® Building System

SCDCS are the South Distributors and Agents for CUPOLEX® Plastic Modular Form voids for raft slabs.

Single Cupolex DomeCUPOLEX® is sustainable, cost effective and safe for the environment.

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What is CUPOLEX®?

CUPOLEX® is a patented structural dome concrete slab system, made from recycled non-toxic Polypropylene.

Each dome easily inter-connects to create a self supporting structure which acts as permanent form work, as an alternative to RibRaft polystyrene and/or hard fill in your concrete slab.

CUPOLEX® provides an absolute barrier and reduces potential for rising damp, with no capillary action possible. It also is cost effective.

Cupolex Pod Form

Cupolex Pod Mesh

CUPOLEX® domes interlock together to form a void in the slab. CUPOLEX® foundations are designed by engineers on a site by site basis, and are strengthened with beams and thickenings in the appropriate places.

Structural Benefits and Advantages of the CUPOLEX® Dome System

  1. The system has inherent properties which reduce slab curling and shrinkage cracks. This in turn provides a better quality concrete surface for your foundation.
  2. From a compressive point of view, it exceeds all Australian Standard Requirements.
  3. The under-slab void allows a number of options for running cables and pipes, making the installation of underslab utilities after construction fast and cost effective.
  4. The system also allows design of complete structurally suspended foundations, the beams of which span between piles or piers.
  5. In areas where subsidence has occurred, for example as a result of the Christchurch earthquake, the air void beneath the concrete slab is perfect as a cavity to accept expanding urethane used to lift foundations.
  6. The system can also be designed to create under-slab water reservoirs, either for water detention and storm water management, or as rain water storage, eg for irrigation, washing cars and flushing toilets.
  7. The CUPOLEX® system is approved for installation at USAF bases as a Radon Gas Mitigation System.

CUPOLEX® Features

  • COMPACT - The pallets arrive on site shrink wrapped. Approx 3 pallets for 200m2 foundation, instead of a truck and trailer of polystyrene
  • FAST - 2 labourers can put down 150-200m2 in about an hour with basic hand tools
  • FLEXIBLE - Site specific design can adapt to all residential, commercial and industrial concrete foundations
  • GREEN - Uses less concrete than a equivalent Slab on Grade or Waffle Pod Slab
  • GREEN - Manufactured from 100% non-toxic recycled and recyclable material which can contribute to GREEN or LEED certified building
  • GREEN - 90% less transport requirement to get it to site than Polystyrene
  • ERGONOMIC - 90% less space on site than a delivery of Polystyrene
  • COST EFFECTIVE - One pallet of CUPOLEX® can replace 3-4 trucks of gravel or fill.  Savings increase if engineered fill is a requirement
  • COST EFFECTIVE - In general, the CUPOLEX® system uses fewer man hours, less concrete, less steel and requires less heavy machinery on site
  • TRANSPORT - 3 Pallets versus a Heavy truck & trailer full of Polystyrene reduces construction traffic issues or damage
  • SAFE - CUPOLEX® componentry is black and glare free. Anecdotal evidence suggests that installers suffer from the glare of polystyrene
  • STRONG - CUPOLEX® foundations can be engineered for all Australian soil types
  • WARM - Thermal analysis shows that the CUPOLEX® slab foundations perform better than Waffle Pod foundations in some areas.

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